We guarantee the safe arrival of your shipment.

Babelle International Shipping (BIS) is a United States registered enterprise, based in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our team consists of the most well respected, dedicated, and skillfull professionals that this line of business has to offer. Our strict commitment to customer satisfaction continues to remain paramount.

  Vision and Values

We’ve taken vigorous strides to becoming the leader of international shipping in our of business. Our sharp management team is the cornerstone of Babelle’s success. We aspire to satisfy our customer’s requirements with exceptional service and a phenomenal rapport.

Because our visions are vast, we focus on establishing healthy long-term relationships with our constituents, clients and partners. We fervently believe that sustainable success is the result of openness and dedication. Every shipment is equally important, therefore we take utmost pride in every delivery.

We continuously invite exciting new opportunities to diversify, and welcome any collaboration that promotes business ethics conjoined with mutual respect.

   Line of Business

The following underscores the advantages of utilizing Babelle International:

⦁ Babelle International Shipping has an extraordinary reputation with relative project routings to the region West Africa region. Moreover, an exemplary camaraderie with agent partners throughout and extending to Senegal

⦁ Our around the clock tracking portal allows you 24 hour access to your personal shipment information

⦁ We provide a variety of services to make your experience with Babelle pleasant and seamless

⦁ Door Step Pick Up Service  –  We offer an easy “doorstep pick-up service” solution. You no longer have to endure the rigors of dropping off your products

⦁ Hands Free Product Ordering  – No time to order products? Let an experienced Babelle purchasing relations specialist order and ship them for you. It’s a cakewalk, tell us what you need, and we take care of the rest. Consult with a shipping specialist today

⦁ Package Wrapping – We are enthused to properly and safely wrap & pad your items. Save time and eliminate the risk of product damage

⦁ Local Delivery | Full Warehouse Services – We have the capability to receive goods from vendors/clients all over the United States. We also work with companies who are seeking a long term solution to minimize logistics costs and are looking at the possibilities of outsourcing their existing logistics departments.

⦁ Deployment Services to Senegal and Mali  – Babelle International Shipping provides deployment of US Government personnel and household goods to Senegal and Mali. This same quality services are offered to US Government’s contractors as well.

We have the knowledge and experience to manage complex deployments; from initiation to completion while insuring security, on time and on budget.

Please contact our dedicated staff for an accurate quote

⦁ All shipments are managed by a Project Coordinator with over 10 years of specialized experience in handling international relocations

⦁ We offer optional Transit Insurance. The premium is 5% with a deductible of $350. This total is based on the cost of goods

⦁ Babelle International offers its customers an extended selection of products from 900 name brand manufacturers. Our customers receive direct pricing on cars, appliances, furniture, electronics, body splashes and much more! Place all orders via our website  ⦁ . Want  to buy online your favorite American products that are in stock at Babelle boutiques in Dakar (Mariste and Corniche Ouest), please visit us at 

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