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Babelle International is a United States and Senegalese registered Business. Babelle is owned and operated by a group of Senegalese’s citizens based in Washington, DC and Dakar. Our team of 12 committed professional possesses the most qualified, knowledgeable, and well-respected staff in this line of business. Our track record for on-time and on-budget performance is our strengths.

Babelle International is a privately-owned company and was established in Maryland in September 2009. 

-Track Container Carrying your Shipment to Dakar

Tracking number ranging from 48000 to 48069

06/22/16 - Container was loaded and awaiting departure at the port

07/11/16 - Cargo is scheduled to reach its destination


Tracking number ranging from 47000 to 47145

05/12/2016 - Container was loaded and awaiting departure at the port.

05/22/2016 - Cargo left Baltimore, MD - Destination Dakar

06/03/2016 - Cargo has reached its destination - Dakar

06/09/2016 - Your shipment is available for pick up at Babelle boutique 


Please bear in mind that arrival dates are estimates only, and there may be delays that are  beyond our control. Upon arrival of the container to Dakar, please allow 5 business days  for customs clearance. We thank you for your cooperation.


                     We personally guarantee the safe arrival of your shipment.

Pickup Schedules

Week Ending 07/03/2016

Week Ending 07/10/2016

Week Ending 07/17/2016