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Babelle International Shipping (BIS) is a United States registered enterprise, based in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our team consists of the most well respected, dedicated, and skillfull professionals that this line of business has to offer. Our strict commitment to customer satisfaction continues to remain paramount. 

Babelle Shipping

Tracking number ranging from 94000 to 94043

08/04/2021 - Cargo carrying the container was loaded,

08/18/2021 - Cargo leaves Baltimore, MD destination Dakar

09/02/2021 - Your shipment has reached its Destination - Dakar

09/06/2021 - Your Shipment is now avalaibe for pick up at Babelle boutique

                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS           


Any delays of your shipment  may be likely have to do with the potential rerouting of vessels during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding in these uncertain times - Stay safe


Please bear in mind that arrival dates are estimates only, and there may be delays that are  beyond our control. Upon arrival of the container to Dakar, please allow 5 business days  for customs clearance. We thank you for your cooperation.


          We guarantee the safe arrival of your shipment.


Pickup Schedules

Week Ending 09/26/2021

Week Ending 10/03/2021

Week Ending 10/10/2021